Working on Character Sheets - Feedback Appreciated

I haven't forgotten this! Life has been hectic with family health scare stuff (which I don't need to go into but to be sure everyone is okay now and everything should be good moving forward).

What I have done is drafted the first version of the character sheet. I got a template up and then I filled it in with the Hard Boiled. What I would love is any feedback you have on it. I want to make sure they're useful.

I've attached it here and let me know what you think! If the feedback is good (or silent) I'll keep adding more profiles to this template.


CharacterSheets - WIP.pdf 158 kB
Oct 01, 2022

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Looks quite good for me. 


  • the blue boxes within the basic moves are to confusing. Blue background should be for headlines only. Everything should have white background, similar to the profile moves
  • BFF should be nearby the friends. Maybe just switch BFF and Intimacy Move

Thanks! Made those changes but I did add a box around all the basic moves just to make sure that it's a little clearer which is why I did it in the colour. I may play around with another layout format and see if people like that better or if they prefer this one.