Google Sheets Character Keeper Added

Hey Everyone!

I spent some time and updated the Google Sheets Character Keeper to V4. Again, huge thanks to Clint for the original formatting and setup. Some things that are updated from the original version:

  1. I set it up so that 6 people can play, there are spots for 6 characters
  2. I added all the Yearbook Profiles and all the moves that are in the Full Version
  3. I set it up so that You can choose your assigned trait with your basic move and it will pull it from what you already filled in
  4. Same with the personal mysteries, they're auto chosen and you just can put a check box next to the one you picked
  5. Updated the safety list to things that were a little bit more appropriate
  6. Updated the basic moves so that they're the same as in the full version

Here are some updates I'm looking to try to figure out.

  1. Set it up so you can auto choose your Traits (choose from set 1 or set 2)
  2. Add more Safety Tool options and reminders
  3. Add a Season Guide section so you can keep track of your episodes and what happened
  4. Add a Season Mystery section to cover the Season long mystery

You can check out version 4 by following this link: Google Sheets WUTBF Character Keeper

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to make it better, or what you might want to see in the character keeper?

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