Full Game is Mostly Available!

The Final Version of the Game is Mostly Live!

Hey Everyone! I'm excited to have this mostly finished version ready for Gen Con!

What does mostly finished mean? 

It means that you can play the game, and all the information on how to play is here including all the extra yearbook profiles and the season long mystery information. 

This means that this version includes the following:

  • The Official Clue Chart by Tim Paul Groth so you can use it to help generate your clues
  • The Extra Yearbook Profiles including the Libertine, the Plotter, the Ingenue, and the Crew Leader
  • All the moves for all the Yearbook Profiles, so there's going to be things you haven't seen yet for your favourites
  • The rules for the Season Long Mystery
  • Lots of explanations and primers on how to play the game collaboratively

What is still coming?

  • The updated Character Keeper Google Sheet which was originally created by Clint Smith
  • The official character Sheets for the game
  • Plug and play settings
    • The first one is written by me and it's called Steelton and I hope to get enough money from the sales to get more of them.
  • Audio version of the book

However, with that in mind this version is perfect to release on itch right now because the book is done and playable. Also, despite all evidence to the contrary (it has taken me about 7 years to finish this book) I'm not that patient a person.

There are a couple of other things I'm going to add. For the first year any time someone buys this game I'm going to make a community copy of the Ashcan version of the game. After the first year I'll start making a 1:1 community copy of the full version of the game available.

Secondly, if you've already picked up the Ashcan of We Used To Be Friends then you're in luck. As a thank you for that I've setup a discount code available for people who have previously picked up the Ashcan. You get 20% off (the cost of the Ashcan) on the full version of the game.

Finally, because Krista (who was the first person who was super excited for just the idea of this game) o I'm going to donate 2$ out of every sale of the game for the month of August to Hope for Haiti which was a charity she was incredibly passionate about.

Let me know what you think of the game! 

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